Foreign Countries are sending warships to help Philippines and Taiwan against China 😊

While we in Palawan are trying to keep our feet dry the Western countries seem to get back to normal again. So happy to see that!! We are still in a lockdown here in Palawan, Philippines, but there seems to be hope.
Starting October 16th Manila opened up. It looks like they are doing a trial with Manila, Philippines (our capital city) until the end of this month. People are able to go to Cinema, Restaurants, etc. Very curious to see what the result will be of this … will keep you updated.
This past month we had so many storms and typhoons passing through that it was hard to keep our feet dry. It looks like we almost through it. While we are trying to survive the lockdown, typhoons passing through, lack of water sometimes and power cuts .. there is a much bigger danger lurking around the corner.

While the world is recovering from Coronavirus and we are trying to survive in Palawan … during the past few months loads of foreign warships have been arriving in the South China Sea. Warships from UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Germany and many more different countries. So happy to see the world finally responding to the threat that China was becoming for the Philippines. China has been in Philippine waters for ages and building military islands to proclaim properties of other countries as their own. Although it was scary to have China in our backyard .. sometimes they were just a few kilometers away from Palawan. However since all these foreign countries joined forces and started doing exercise drills things have cleared up. Very curious how this will develop over the coming years ..

Thanks again for taking the time to read about how things are going in the Philippines. Please keep us in prayer, that China will stop pushing their boundaries and stop claiming other countries properties as their own. Let me know how you are doing and thanks for your continued prayers and support.
Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter

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