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As of writing Palawan is still in a lockdown since March 15, 2020 .. Almost 2 years. Palawan is a tourist island and for its economy it depends on tourism. Since this pandemic this island has been in a lockdown and tourist are not permitted to enter.
Of course this means financially the whole island is devastated. Probably about 80% of businesses are closed. We have seen huge companies like McDonald close their stores and Top Hotels closed their doors.
On top of that on December 17 Palawan was hit by a typhoon that caused huge damage. (To read more about that see previous postings.)
How is TTN Ministry dealing with this economic depression and typhoon devastation?

Transforming the Nations

Of course due to pandemic our BAM Project was almost destroyed. BAM means Business as Mission .. through creating business we help the economy, create jobs and offer provision for families by offering them a job where they can develop their gifts and talents. (to read more about this visit our website When the country was closed on March 2020 our distribution business was almost bankrupt and close to closing. Just to imagine that before the pandemic we were at a point to add a second branch and expand the business. Than pandemic hit and island was closed. It meant we had to let partners go and change the way we were doing business. Through a God given miracle TTN Palawan Inc. is doing well again and in February 2022 we accepted our first couple again that will be partnering with us. TTN Palawan Inc. is an distribution business that provides supermarkets, hotels, restaurants with food products. Our first partner joined again and we hope as this business recovers and grows we will be able to create at least 20 new jobs in the future.

While we are stuck on this island we started a 2nd business – – online supermarket. On March 2022 we will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary. This online supermarket is doing well and soon we will be starting to have our first partner join us .. we hope in the future that this new business adventure will create at least another 20 jobs as it keeps growing.

Although we had huge losses and damages because of the typhoon and pandemic .. we continue to push on and keep working hard on creating a viable business, so we can create enough income to support families with new jobs and make profit again that will contribute to support the ministry. The purpose of BAM project is instead of just giving a person fish (money) teach them to fish (make money).

Teaching the Nations

This ministry focuses on offering teaching materials for free. For example giving away of bibles, gospel tracks, Christian books, Christian Movies, Christian Music, etc. (For more info
Before the pandemic we would be active in prison but due to pandemic we do not have any access to prison anymore. When people make donations we use those funds to give away bibles or any other Christian products to those who need it.

Training the Nations

This ministry was set up to organize running events to raise support for the ministry. Unfortunately due to pandemic we have not been able to organize any running events, however, when pandemic is finished we hope to organize events again and run marathons to raise support for ministry. (For more info visit our website

Touching the Nations

Through this ministry we support children with their studies. Due to poverty many children are not able to go to school. With this ministry we encourage people or churches to support a child for $12.50 per month. With this support we help a child finish at least elementary and high school studies. (for more info
When children are able to finish at least high school studies it will give them a basic and possibility to find a job. Otherwise they often end up on the street where they collect trash and end up begging for food.
Unfortunately due to pandemic schools have been closed for almost 2 years. Only those who have money are able to continue studies because the only way for children to attend classes is through wifi and having a computer or mobile phone. Unfortunately most of the children we are supporting do not have this access. That is the reason why at the moment we use the children’s support and provide them with basic food products.


When people want to help victims of typhoon Odette all they have to do is donate funds and let us know how they want us to use the funds.
At the moment the biggest need and best way to help is by donating funds to TTN Ministry and we will use those funds to buy items like plywood (rebuilding houses), sardines in tin, noodles, water and rice.

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