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Foreign Countries are sending warships to help Philippines and Taiwan against China 😊

While we in Palawan are trying to keep our feet dry the Western countries seem to get back to normal again. So happy to see that!! We are still in a lockdown here in Palawan, Philippines, but there seems to be hope.
Starting October 16th Manila opened up. It looks like they are doing a trial with Manila, Philippines (our capital city) until the end of this month. People are able to go to Cinema, Restaurants, etc. Very curious to see what the result will be of this … will keep you updated.
This past month we had so many storms and typhoons passing through that it was hard to keep our feet dry. It looks like we almost through it. While we are trying to survive the lockdown, typhoons passing through, lack of water sometimes and power cuts .. there is a much bigger danger lurking around the corner.

While the world is recovering from Coronavirus and we are trying to survive in Palawan … during the past few months loads of foreign warships have been arriving in the South China Sea. Warships from UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Germany and many more different countries. So happy to see the world finally responding to the threat that China was becoming for the Philippines. China has been in Philippine waters for ages and building military islands to proclaim properties of other countries as their own. Although it was scary to have China in our backyard .. sometimes they were just a few kilometers away from Palawan. However since all these foreign countries joined forces and started doing exercise drills things have cleared up. Very curious how this will develop over the coming years ..

Thanks again for taking the time to read about how things are going in the Philippines. Please keep us in prayer, that China will stop pushing their boundaries and stop claiming other countries properties as their own. Let me know how you are doing and thanks for your continued prayers and support.
Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter

More Water .. Wow!!

This past weekend has been one of rain, rain and more rain. I know it is rainy season, but as long as I have been living in the Philippines, I have never seen this much rain.
It doesn’t seem to stop .. although it looks like it will be clearing up. Saw some light coming through the clouds.
These past few days we have had several storms and typhoons passing through Palawan. I have been in Palawan for more than 15 years but never seen this amount of water.
The funny thing is that although we are flooded and water is everywhere we haven’t had water for 3 days. Of course power cuts and no internet or unstable internet.
Also today I am starting to feel like the high humidity level has finally been broken. The past few weeks it was like no matter what you do, you are sweating buckets. Even if you had aircon, it just stayed hot and humid. But finally a breakthrough when I woke up .. it was getting cooler. Not so clammy anymore .. YIPPEE!!!
This probably also means that storms are almost finished. It is normal to have rainy season in the Philippines from July till around November .. but I have never seen this much water.
I was spared a lot of flooding in my house probably simply because I live on the second floor, but unfortunately a lot of people were not spared this horrible fate. Please find below some pictures showing the incredible amount of water flowing through Palawan, Philippines at the moment.

Lots of water – flooding

Flood in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Little update from Palawan Island .. although we are still in lock down and it doesn’t look like the mayor is planning to open any time soon. The Mayor mentioned that maybe in 2022 we will be opening up again. So in short that means that I will be spending Christmas in Palawan.

SM Mall – almost empty because of lock downs and pandemic. Businesses closing because there is not enough sales.
These shops are all temporary closed. Waiting for when government is going to open up Palawan again. As you can see no customers .. mall is almost empty.

It has been since March 2020 .. so almost 1 1/2 years that we have been on a lock down. We are not able to leave Palawan yet. It also means nobody can visit Palawan. Which is very hard for us here in Palawan, since maybe about 70% of population’s income is dependent on tourism. That is the reason that we are being hit very badly financially during this pandemic. Gladly there are a lot of people working in the government and many people are pensioners. That keeps the economy going at the moment in Palawan.

Where the add Tong Yans is hanging and the white wooden panels are hanging .. this was McDonald’s .. they had to close .. not enough customers. As you can see no customers in the mall .. only staff .. very empty .. sad times in Palawan

From around June till November it is rainy season in Palawan. This means it rains a lot. This week we were blessed with an overwhelming amount of rain. Lots of places are covered in water and having floods. Because of these floods and typhoons passing through Palawan we had a lot power cuts, water supply problems and of course very slow internet. It looks like typhoons have passed so things should clear up very quickly.

PRAYER POINT: During this month we are being informed who will be running for President. Date of elections will be in May 2022 and 1 term is for 6 years. We desperately need a President who has a heart to help the country. With a debt that has doubled in 5 years, unemployment of about 50% and biggest economic decline (depression) in the history of the Philippines. We need a person that has a heart to help the country back on its feet again. Somebody that is willing to lead without filling their own pocket first.

Thanks again for your continued help and support.
Lots of love from the Philippines ❤️

Duterte Government doubles debt of the Philippines in almost 5 years

Wow it only took 5 years for the Duterte government to double the debt of the Philippines. The people are trying to hold the government accountable for how they are spending their funds, but no response from the President.

International debt watcher Fitch Ratings kept its “BBB” credit rating for the Philippines, but revised its outlook for the country’s economy to “negative.”
The country previously received a “stable” outlook during its last report early this year.
In a statement released on Monday, Fitch explained that the change in their outlook for the country’s economy was due to the increasing credit profile risks brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath on policy-making and economic and fiscal outputs.
Also funny that Fitch mentioned:
Pandemic response. The debt watcher also noted that the Duterte administration’s goal of vaccinating 70% of the population in 2021 is “very ambitious” since only less than 3% have been fully vaccinated as of end-June.

Info taken from:

Continue to pray for the Philippines and the coming elections on May 2022. That we will get a government that cares about the people and the country. A candidate that will be able to help Philippine recover from the depression it is going through right now.

Lots of love from the Philippines xxx

Philippines will maybe open up again in January 2029?

Official 109 million people living in the Philippines

According to official statistics the Philippines has a population of 109 million. The President said he will not open up schools or open up border until 70% of population has been vaccinated.

A few weeks ago President Duterte threatened the population with sending them to jail if they don’t get vaccinated, “You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed.” (see video below)
Not sure why the President threatened the population like this. At the moment there not even enough vaccines available.
Also this means you would be putting 109 million – 3,5 million = 105 million people in jail? Really?

Next to this continuing this trend just a quick calculation means that maybe …
– It took 19 weeks to get 3,5 million people vaccinated.
– 70% from 109 million = 76.3 million need to be vaccinated .. let us say 75 million to make it easy.
– It took 19 weeks to vaccinate 3.5 million people, so this means to vaccinate 75 million will take a total of 407 weeks
– Already had 19 weeks, so only 388 (407-19) weeks left .. so maybe in about 7.5 years .. or around January 2029 we will open up again … YIPPEE!!

Now the good thing is .. just glad to know that the Philippines will have Presidential elections again in May 2022. Please pray for the Philippines that whoever is going to be elected has a passion and heart to help the Philippines. This country is facing the biggest recession in their history and the government doesn’t seem to care.

Lots of love from the Philippines

Philippines’ Duterte threatens citizens “You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed,”

The Philippines Has Been Named Least Safe Country in the World

The Philippines Has Been Named Least Safe Country in the World

(SPOT.ph) The past year was a very challenging time for the whole world. COVID-19 hit all nations, causing economic instability and exposing healthcare issues especially in developing countries. All this while the usual threats of war, natural disaster, and personal security continue to rage on. New York-based Global Finance Magazine considered all these factors in their latest list of “World’s Safest Countries,” which came out on July 6. Iceland maintains their top spot, while the Philippines remains at the bottom, ranking 134th place out of 134 countries.

According to Global Finance, their list features “updated data and sources, a new time frame, and incorporates each country’s experience and risk from COVID-19.” Their last list came out in January 2019, way before the whole world turned upside-down.

The safety score for the countries consider three fundamental factors: war and peacepersonal security, and natural disaster risk. The fourth, which was just added for this year’s list, is COVID-19 risk. Most of the factors were based on 2020 reports, except for COVID-19 scores, which was derived from data as of May 30 to make it as relevant as possible. “In essence, a country’s overall score is made up of one-half fundamental factors, one-third COVID-19 deaths per capita, and one-sixth COVID vaccination per capita,” the article explained. Deaths per capita is a “direct measure” of how a country responded to COVID-19, particularly their healthcare infrastructure, government capabilities, political leadership, and culture in face of an unexpected crisis.

The top-ranking countries are spread among Europe and Asia with Iceland taking the top spot, and United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, and Finland trailing behind

The top-ranking countries are spread among Europe and Asia with Iceland taking the top spot, and United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, and Finland trailing behind. Our neighboring countries like Malaysia (27th), Indonesia (60th), and Thailand (70th) did relatively well. Global Finance cited the Philippines as one of the countries with “serious civil conflict” and, at the same time, “have risks from natural disaster.” Like Nigeria, Yemen, and El Salvador, the country “reported relatively low death tolls from COVID-19, yet performed poorly in terms of safety overall.”

Bottom-ranking countries in “World’s Safest Countries 2021”

The top-ranking countries are spread among Europe and Asia with Iceland taking the top spot, and United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, and Finland trailing behind. Our neighboring countries like Malaysia (27th), Indonesia (60th), and Thailand (70th) did relatively well. Global Finance cited the Philippines as one of the countries with “serious civil conflict” and, at the same time, “have risks from natural disaster.” Like Nigeria, Yemen, and El Salvador, the country “reported relatively low death tolls from COVID-19, yet performed poorly in terms of safety overall.”

All content pictures and article has been copied from Spot.ph and belongs to rightful owner

How long more?

How long is this going to last? When is this craziness going to stop? It has been since March 2020 we have been in a lock down here in Palawan and things are getting worse and worse. The virus is causing more damage because of the lock downs than it is killing people. Businesses are closed. People have no jobs and can’t pay their bills and provide their families with food.
People are locked up in their homes for I don’t know how long. How they get food and how they pay their bills, when they are not allowed to work. Nobody cares!
It is so strange .. USA is starting to return to normal, UK they are starting to have park runs again, in the Netherlands my parents are thinking about going on holiday again, in Japan they are going to have Olympics in July .. in Palawan we are still in lock down. It is incredible!!

With God’s help we are doing great. We want to take a moment to thank every person for their continued support. Without your support we would not make it through this situation. Also without your support we could not be able to continue supporting those under Support A Child program.
Thanks a million for your love.
Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter xxx

Here is a story of a couple living in Palawan and how this pandemic hit them. I was moved by their honesty and openness. This couple had 2-3 businesses but they had to close them down because of pandemic. How they survive now .. no idea!
Here is their story:
I had a chat with my mom tonight. It was short, but what I surmised was this: circumstances across the world vary so incredibly much right now. Whatever part of the world you happen to be in, it is not this…
I will share our story, not for pity, or empathy; but rather for a better understanding and perhaps, gratitude for where you stand at this moment…
In March 2020, we underwent quarantine. Total lockdown. Don’t leave your house. Military guards enforced this for what ended up for being 6 weeks. Yes, locked in our house for 6 weeks! Not a polite, please stay at home, but guns at checkpoints ensuring this happened. One member of the household, for one hour a day could purchase food. We had passes and were numbered as individuals. That’s it. Yes, we were safe physically, but imagine the mental quarantine that we underwent. I remember the first time leaving our house and it was dizzying, overwhelming and felt as though we we were prisoners for the first time experiencing freedom. There is a strange sense of anxiety that coincides with empty space.
From July and onward, life continued and we had our purposes. We moved to and fro unmitigated between towns. There were rules, but reasonable and manageable. We had access to medical facilities for animals and humans…we could go to the grocery store. That’s has changed.
On a business point of view, we were utterly crushed. Ok…
On a personal point of view, our dreams were also crushed. Ok…(we planned to have a baby).
Thankfully, we always have worked with the animals and it through them we have hope. We have purpose. We have reason. It’s not easy, but we have never chosen the easy path and for that I am grateful.
Now let’s fast forward for June 2021…
We are worst then before. More cases, ever evolving restrictions and day by day hope deteriorates.
With all this said, I choose to be here and choose to believe in where I lay my head. I choose to find any purposes other than my own.
For me…do what you can and just be a good person Let’s just be honest and love who we do, or don’t. Let’s share our truth, because it’s not all easy. I’ve shared our uneasy truth, it’s your turn. We are all in this together in some way or another
With love and gratitude,
Rob and Jacq (June 11, 2021)

So hot here in Philippines right now 🥵

If you are looking for me, this is where you can find me 😉

The month of May is dry season in the Philippines. Dry season in Palawan is from December till about May/June. This year has been very strange. Even if it is dry season we had plenty of rain.
The good thing with having pandemic and everything is in lock down since March 2020, is that we have had no tourist coming to Palawan. Since Palawan is a hot tourist attraction, this means we had plenty of water. Last year our water supply was already low in January, but this year we had no problems.
We haven’t had to go to pump water and carry it up to second floor. Good Exercise!!!
Although we had enough water this year, it has been so humid, it is just incredible. If I could hide in a refrigerator and just stay there I would. Man just going for a simple walk makes me break out in sweat. Hopefully things will cool off again in June when it is rainy season.
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying spring.

Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter

Back to Strict Lock down again 😢

Although the National Government forced local government to open up and get things going .. the Mayor appealed to return back to strict lock down again because of the rise of covid cases.
As of writing they are guessing there are about 883 active cases. See picture.

Covid cases in Palawan Province .. active cases 883 .. total cases starting 2020 until now is 3,141. These are the registered cases.

However, National Government has not accepted proposal yet. At the moment the Mayor is locking down some barangays instead where there are some cases. In total about 5 barangays are locked down. This means that anyone living in those communities are not allowed to go to work and are locked up in their homes. How they survive .. nobody really cares. No help from government to pay your bills, buy food, nothing ..

Active covid cases in the Philippines 1,149,010 starting from 2020. These are only the registered cases. About 20,860 people died as a result of pandemic. This means a total of 1.7% people die of this pandemic, while 98.3% of the people recover when they get affected.

Above you can see figures on a national level. At the moment there have been about 1,150,000 active cases registered. About 20,820 people is claimed to have died because of the pandemic. The total deaths until now in percentage of those who had active cases is 1.7% or 20,820.
Now here is my question … of everyone that gets affected about 1.7% dies. This means 98.3% only gets sick and recovers. Don’t get me wrong but if only 1.7% dies of the disease is it worth killing 98.3% of the country? Is it worth forcing people in a lock down for 1.7% who dies? Businesses are closed, people loose their jobs, loose their homes, people are not able to pay their bills, have to leave homes because they can’t pay their bills, lots of people committing suicide, people who have other deceases are being neglected or their life is made impossible because of all these lock downs. Just wondering, is it really worth killing 98.3% of population to protect 1.7% that dies?
Don’t understand me wrong .. if you have heart disease, diabetic, elderly or other health issues … please lock yourself up. I totally understand. Nobody wants to die, but to lock up 98% of population and limit them to take care of their families, that is just not right. Taking away the freedom of 98% of the population for 1.7%? That doesn’t sound correct and logic. What is happening in the world?

300 Chinese vessels are in Philippine waters

Although the national government told the local government of Palawan that Palawan needs to be opened up .. nothing has really changed yet. We still have curfew from 8pm till 4am and planes are still not flying. Which makes it hard to leave the island.
The nice thing is we have more freedom to move around and are not being checked anymore. However, while nothing is really changing within Palawan a lot of things are happening close to us. About a few hundred miles away China is entering Philippine waters.

Between 200-300 Chinese vessels entering Philippine waters

At the moment it doesn’t look like the Philippine President Duterte is going to do anything against China. During his candidacy (2016), he famously promised to ride a jetski to the Spratly Islands and plant a Philippine flag there. In 2017, he repeated that promise, saying he would do it on Philippine Independence Day. Two months before the occasion, President Duterte his plan, admitting China asked him not to do it.
It rather looks like the opposite. It feels like the President has received some bribe and therefore is not taking any actions. The President keeps speaking positive about China as if they are not doing anything. A big mystery.

The Philippine Coast Guard released footage on May 5, 2021, showing officers confronting seven Chinese vessels in the contested Sabina Shoal area on April 27. Tensions between the two nations over the South China Sea have been escalating since March, after the Philippines protested the continued presence of Chinese vessels in the disputed areas. Video source: AFP

While China doesn’t seem to have plans to move yet it sounds like other countries are starting to respond. UK has send ships to Chinese Sea. Australia has done the same and US has said that if any vessel of Philippines will be harmed, that could be reason for counter attack. So while the President is not doing anything, it looks like some countries are starting to send us some help. So happy about that .. very uncertain times. We are all a little surprised that the President doesn’t seem to show any interest in doing anything .. so we are a little confused here in the Philippines.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on May 12, 2021, reported “illegal incursions” by 287 Chinese vessels in waters claimed by Manila. The footage shows the PCG driving away vessels scattered in a part of the South China Sea that the Philippines claims as the West Philippine Sea. The PCG ordered the Chinese ‘militia’ boats off waters it said were part of the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. China denies using fishing boat crews as militia. While Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has voiced support for improving relations between Manila and Beijing, his foreign ministry has repeatedly lodged complaints about the alleged incursions in recent weeks, and the country’s task force on the South China Sea said in a statement that the latest incident may result in diplomatic action. Video source: Reuters/Philippine Coast Guard.

Please keep the Philippines in prayer, that there will be no war and that China will pullout their 200-300 vessels and leave the Philippine waters.

Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter