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Big day for the Philippines!!


Today Monday May 9, 2022 is a big day for the Philippines. It is voting time! After 6 years of being ruled by President Duterte it is finally time for a new president. Six years is a long time when the government is a big mess. The past 6 years has been a horrible one.
– The Philippines has almost the worst education in the world. The education during the past 6 years has even gone down more.
– The debt of government more than doubled. Within 6 years time this government was able to double the debt and break a record. Highest debt level in history.
– Inflation hit a record during this government.
– During this government about 20,000-30,000 innocent people got killed and many more put in prison because they resist the government or criticized the President.
– During the past 6 years the Philippines was sold to China. Some people would say Philippines was a province of China.
– Corruption has increased much more during the past 6 years and didn’t get lesser during this elected government.

Many more things to mention, but list would be too long … that is why it is an important day in the Philippines. Will we continue going down the same way or will there be a new president that will really help and care for the country.
At the moment it looks like their are 2 serious candidates .. one that will continue the past six years (Sir BongBong Marcos. Yes the son of previous Filipino dictator Marcos and wife Imelda Marcos who was the 10th president of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986 ) and 1 that seems to bring something positive to the Philipines (Ms. Leni Robredo).

Here are the current predictions for elections:

GOOGLE TRENDS https://trends.google.com/trends/story/US_cu_nxB7CX8BAACbmM_en
GOOGLE TRENDS https://trends.google.com/trends/story/US_cu_nxB7CX8BAACbmM_en

According to Google Trends Ms Leni Robredo should be the winning candidate and Sir BongBong Marcos is far behind but second. However, when you check local survey’s in the Philippines they are saying that Sir BongBong Marcos is at the top and Ms Leni Robredo is second. However, please remember Philippines is a very corrupt country. You never know what the real results will be. My prayer is that elections will be done honestly and no election fraud.


To see the results of the elections in the Philippines May 2022

TTN Ministry

As of writing Palawan is still in a lockdown since March 15, 2020 .. Almost 2 years. Palawan is a tourist island and for its economy it depends on tourism. Since this pandemic this island has been in a lockdown and tourist are not permitted to enter.
Of course this means financially the whole island is devastated. Probably about 80% of businesses are closed. We have seen huge companies like McDonald close their stores and Top Hotels closed their doors.
On top of that on December 17 Palawan was hit by a typhoon that caused huge damage. (To read more about that see previous postings.)
How is TTN Ministry dealing with this economic depression and typhoon devastation?

Transforming the Nations

Of course due to pandemic our BAM Project was almost destroyed. BAM means Business as Mission .. through creating business we help the economy, create jobs and offer provision for families by offering them a job where they can develop their gifts and talents. (to read more about this visit our website www.transformingthenations.com) When the country was closed on March 2020 our distribution business was almost bankrupt and close to closing. Just to imagine that before the pandemic we were at a point to add a second branch and expand the business. Than pandemic hit and island was closed. It meant we had to let partners go and change the way we were doing business. Through a God given miracle TTN Palawan Inc. is doing well again and in February 2022 we accepted our first couple again that will be partnering with us. TTN Palawan Inc. is an distribution business that provides supermarkets, hotels, restaurants with food products. Our first partner joined again and we hope as this business recovers and grows we will be able to create at least 20 new jobs in the future.

While we are stuck on this island we started a 2nd business – www.PalawanOnline.ph – online supermarket. On March 2022 we will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary. This online supermarket is doing well and soon we will be starting to have our first partner join us .. we hope in the future that this new business adventure will create at least another 20 jobs as it keeps growing.

Although we had huge losses and damages because of the typhoon and pandemic .. we continue to push on and keep working hard on creating a viable business, so we can create enough income to support families with new jobs and make profit again that will contribute to support the ministry. The purpose of BAM project is instead of just giving a person fish (money) teach them to fish (make money).

Teaching the Nations

This ministry focuses on offering teaching materials for free. For example giving away of bibles, gospel tracks, Christian books, Christian Movies, Christian Music, etc. (For more info www.teachingthenations.com)
Before the pandemic we would be active in prison but due to pandemic we do not have any access to prison anymore. When people make donations we use those funds to give away bibles or any other Christian products to those who need it.

Training the Nations

This ministry was set up to organize running events to raise support for the ministry. Unfortunately due to pandemic we have not been able to organize any running events, however, when pandemic is finished we hope to organize events again and run marathons to raise support for ministry. (For more info visit our website www.trainingthenations.com)

Touching the Nations

Through this ministry we support children with their studies. Due to poverty many children are not able to go to school. With this ministry we encourage people or churches to support a child for $12.50 per month. With this support we help a child finish at least elementary and high school studies. (for more info www.touchingthenations.com)
When children are able to finish at least high school studies it will give them a basic and possibility to find a job. Otherwise they often end up on the street where they collect trash and end up begging for food.
Unfortunately due to pandemic schools have been closed for almost 2 years. Only those who have money are able to continue studies because the only way for children to attend classes is through wifi and having a computer or mobile phone. Unfortunately most of the children we are supporting do not have this access. That is the reason why at the moment we use the children’s support and provide them with basic food products.


When people want to help victims of typhoon Odette all they have to do is donate funds and let us know how they want us to use the funds.
At the moment the biggest need and best way to help is by donating funds to TTN Ministry and we will use those funds to buy items like plywood (rebuilding houses), sardines in tin, noodles, water and rice.

In case you wandered what the typhoon Odette was like

In case you wandered what the typhoon was like Posted by Dave Allen lll in FB Group Philippine Paradise Divers

Super Typhoon Odette Hits Palawan, Philippines

Typhoon Odette did not spare Puerto Princesa City, including several municipalities of Palawan, where it destroyed houses, uprooted power lines, damaged telecommunication towers, and land transportation is stopped due to damaged bridges.

All communication lines were down due to a cut on the fiber optic lines, specifically between Puerto Princesa City and the municipality of Roxas. Southern Palawan municipalities also do not have any means of communication due to fiber optic cut in Aborlan, a source confirmed.

Water supply in the City has been affected due to issues with the Irawan Watershed, resulting in water shortage since Friday. Puerto Princesa City Water District is directly providing water to residents in key areas in every barangay with water trucks. People are often lining up in some areas where they could gather water for consumption.

Residents along the coastal areas were heavily impacted, including houses made of light materials that were toppled down with trees and electric posts.

Four to five bridges in the City are not passable since most of them had been destroyed by the overflowing river. This made it hard for rescue efforts including provision of supplies to affected barangays and municipalities in the province.

Any donations or help would be appreciated ..
donations can be send to TTN Ministry … www.ttnministry.com/store/

Article and Copyright belongs to Palawan Daily News


What is the main cause of poverty in the Philippines?

What is the main cause of poverty in the Philippines?

There are too many factors to mention that results in the Philippines struggling with poverty. Just to mention a few:
– Corruption in every area of life
– Bad infrastructure
– Failure to fully develop the agriculture sector
– High inflation
– High levels of population growth
– Filipino indolence (https://opinion.inquirer.net/80427/a-culture-of-poverty)

Philippines Poverty Rate 2000-2021
Poverty headcount ratio at $5.50 a day is the percentage of the population living on less than $5.50 a day at 2011 international prices. As a result of revisions in PPP exchange rates, poverty rates for individual countries cannot be compared with poverty rates reported in earlier editions.

* Philippines poverty rate for 2018 was 46.90%, a 7.7% decline from 2015.
* Philippines poverty rate for 2015 was 54.60%, a 5.3% decline from 2012.
* Philippines poverty rate for 2012 was 59.90%, a 1.2% decline from 2009.
* Philippines poverty rate for 2009 was 61.10%, a 2.3% decline from 2006.
Data source World Bank

What are the effects of poverty in the Philippines?

With poverty taking a toll on Filipinos, parents often can’t make enough money to support their families; children then have to be taken out of school to work in harsh conditions. Statistics show that around 3.6 million children, from ages 5-17, are child laborers in the Philippines.

Who are affected by poverty in the Philippines?

The poor in the Philippines are most likely self-employed farmers, fishermen, or other agricultural workers. Three-quarters of these people live in severe disaster-risk areas that are highly rural.

Why poverty is the main problem of the world?

Global poverty is one of the very worst problems that the world faces today. The poorest in the world are often hungry, have much less access to education, regularly have no light at night, and suffer from much poorer health. To make progress against poverty is therefore one of the most urgent global goals.

How can we help the poor in the Philippines?

There are many suggestions on helping solve the issue of poverty in the Philippines, but for me most solutions are only temporary. This is a deep routed problem and to see things change we have to deal with the basics. First issue is the lack of education. Many poor cannot afford to send their children to school because of lack of funds. That of course leads automatically to things like lack of education and child labor. So that is why I would suggest make it possible even for the poor to send their children to school. Support a child with their education and it will solve two issues at the same time.
The next issue is create jobs and help the economy so that people can earn enough to make a living and take care of their basic needs.

This is why TTN Ministry is focusing on 2 areas to help erase poverty and create a better life for those who live in the Philippines:

  1. Fund a child’s education – TTN Ministry … for more info Touching the Nations – www.touchingthenations.com
  2. Help people in the Philippines find business and livelihood opportunities – TTN Ministry … for more info Transforming the Nations – www.transformingthenations.com

The World Bank report that 80 percent of Filipino students do not know what they should know based on their current academic level

Malacañang expressed alarm over the World Bank report that showed that 80 percent of Filipino students do not know what they should know based on their current academic level.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque made the statement after the World Bank report showed that one in every four Grade 5 students does not have the mathematics and reading skills for second and third graders.

The same report showed that four out of every five 15-year-old students do not know basic mathematic concepts like decimals and fractions that should have been mastered during their fifth grade in elementary school.

In his press briefing on Thursday, July 1, Roque recognized that the report was indeed a cause for concern.

“That is very disturbing po and very alarming,” he said.

However, Roque assured the public that the Department of Education (DepEd) will be undertaking measures to address the situation.

“I’m sure Secretary [Leonor] Briones and her team at the Department of Education will sit down and study, as well as discuss ways forward upon receiving this World Bank report,” he said.

“Don’t worry, we will look into the report and look for ways how we can change the curriculum especially during the pandemic,” he added.

According to the Palace official, DepEd has been innovating since the country went into lockdown (March 2020) due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“We are on blended learning po. We utilize modules, TV, radio, as well as computer-aided forms of educational material,” Roque said.

“I’m sure the process of adapting to the new normal continues and the Department of Education will continue to introduce innovations,” he added.

However, the World Bank report pointed out that the Philippines’ problem started even before the pandemic.

“There is a crisis in education—which started pre-COVID-19, but will have been made worse by COVID-19,” it said.

The report showed that only 10 to 22 percent of Grades 4, 5, and 9 students in the country scored “at or above minimum proficiency.”

Meanwhile, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) found that Grade 4 Filipino students were frequently exposed to bullying. The group showed that 45 percent of students in the said grade level reported weekly bullying in their schools.

Taken from Manila Bulletin

The Philippines is the Worst Place to Be during Pandemic 😔

The Philippines fell to last place in Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking of the best and worst places to be amid the pandemic, capping a steady decline over the course of 2021.

The monthly snapshot — which measures where the virus is being handled the most effectively with the least social and economic upheaval — ranks 53 major economies on 12 datapoints related to virus containment, the economy and opening up. 

The Philippines’ drop to No. 53 reflects the challenges it’s facing from the onslaught of the delta variant, which has hit Southeast Asia particularly hard amid difficulties containing the more contagious strain and slow vaccination rollouts. The region, which recently had the worst outbreak in the world, makes up the bulk of the September Ranking’s lowest rungs, with Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam also in the bottom five. 

What pushed the Philippines to last place?

The Philippines faces a perfect storm in that it’s grappling with the more ferocious delta variant at the same time as it works with an inadequate testing regime and sees disruptions to its economy and people’s livelihoods as the pandemic continues to rage. 

The country scores low on all four of our metrics related to reopening, and with a vaccine coverage rate of 20% — among the lowest of those ranked — the Philippines is engaged in one of the most stringent lockdowns of the 53. Its Flight Capacity, which measures how far air travel has gotten back to normal, is 74% below 2019 levels and the Philippines’ borders remain sealed to visitors. 

Info taken from Bloomberg article

Foreign Countries are sending warships to help Philippines and Taiwan against China 😊

While we in Palawan are trying to keep our feet dry the Western countries seem to get back to normal again. So happy to see that!! We are still in a lockdown here in Palawan, Philippines, but there seems to be hope.
Starting October 16th Manila opened up. It looks like they are doing a trial with Manila, Philippines (our capital city) until the end of this month. People are able to go to Cinema, Restaurants, etc. Very curious to see what the result will be of this … will keep you updated.
This past month we had so many storms and typhoons passing through that it was hard to keep our feet dry. It looks like we almost through it. While we are trying to survive the lockdown, typhoons passing through, lack of water sometimes and power cuts .. there is a much bigger danger lurking around the corner.

While the world is recovering from Coronavirus and we are trying to survive in Palawan … during the past few months loads of foreign warships have been arriving in the South China Sea. Warships from UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Germany and many more different countries. So happy to see the world finally responding to the threat that China was becoming for the Philippines. China has been in Philippine waters for ages and building military islands to proclaim properties of other countries as their own. Although it was scary to have China in our backyard .. sometimes they were just a few kilometers away from Palawan. However since all these foreign countries joined forces and started doing exercise drills things have cleared up. Very curious how this will develop over the coming years ..

Thanks again for taking the time to read about how things are going in the Philippines. Please keep us in prayer, that China will stop pushing their boundaries and stop claiming other countries properties as their own. Let me know how you are doing and thanks for your continued prayers and support.
Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter

More Water .. Wow!!

This past weekend has been one of rain, rain and more rain. I know it is rainy season, but as long as I have been living in the Philippines, I have never seen this much rain.
It doesn’t seem to stop .. although it looks like it will be clearing up. Saw some light coming through the clouds.
These past few days we have had several storms and typhoons passing through Palawan. I have been in Palawan for more than 15 years but never seen this amount of water.
The funny thing is that although we are flooded and water is everywhere we haven’t had water for 3 days. Of course power cuts and no internet or unstable internet.
Also today I am starting to feel like the high humidity level has finally been broken. The past few weeks it was like no matter what you do, you are sweating buckets. Even if you had aircon, it just stayed hot and humid. But finally a breakthrough when I woke up .. it was getting cooler. Not so clammy anymore .. YIPPEE!!!
This probably also means that storms are almost finished. It is normal to have rainy season in the Philippines from July till around November .. but I have never seen this much water.
I was spared a lot of flooding in my house probably simply because I live on the second floor, but unfortunately a lot of people were not spared this horrible fate. Please find below some pictures showing the incredible amount of water flowing through Palawan, Philippines at the moment.