What is happening in the Philippines?

It has been a while that I wrote something and updated our blog with what is happening in the ministry.
At this moment .. April 29, 2021 we have been in a lock down now for a little more than a year. We started March 15, 2020. What do I mean with being in a lockdown. It simple means I cannot leave the island I am living on.
Of course this is starting to cause a lot of problems.
Just to mention a few. Although we are 1 year later and been in lock down for almost 1 year .. what is the result?
Just a few weeks ago the government increased lock down policy and we are back on curfew again from 8pm till 4am. The funny thing is these lock downs are not helping. The pandemic is increasing and more and more people are being affected and cases are increasing every day.
Next to that poverty is in horrible proportions here. Let me just give you a picture of what is happening here.

The unemployment is at the moment 50% .. above you can see a picture of our unemployment rate in July 2019. Just to put this in perspective .. this means of every 2 people 1 is unemployed.
Do you know what the scary reality is .. those who are working have a job for 2-3 days per week. So they are not even working full time. The only ones that are paid and have no problems are those who are in government. They still get their monthly payment even if they don’t have to work.

About education .. during this lock down kids haven’t been able to go to school. It has been closed. Government is trying to encourage people to use internet, but the reality is that many in provincial areas don’t have internet. Especially during this time .. it is even harder to have internet because parents don’t have a job .. see video “COVID 19 Philippines – Public Schools have been closed since March 2020” for more info about that.

This is what people in the Philippines are required to wear when they are in public places .. a mask and a shield — REMEMBER temperatures are here 30C

When you walk through the main highway here .. there is hardly any traffic. It feels like the city is dead. So many rental signs are hanging up of businesses that closed their doors.
Thousand and thousand of businesses are closed because they can’t survive anymore and pay their bills anymore.
Even big businesses like MacDonald’s closed their doors and shut down their store in the mall. There is just not enough business anymore to keep everything going.

Now here are the results of being in lock down for 1 year. Yep you can guess it .. Philippines is having the biggest decline in all of Asia .. guess that makes us No.1 .. YIPPEE!!! Philippines is facing the biggest depression in its history. Wow that is something to brag about.

Now what is the government doing about this? That is the most frustrating thing .. nothing .. no help from the Government. They keep saying oh it is not that bad, we are doing okay, .. and it feels like the government doesn’t really care. They are already working on promoting the daughter of current president to become the next president.

PLEASE pray that the next President (election May 2022) will be honest and have a good and solid plan to restore the economic situation in the Philippines.

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