Yippee! Moved to GCQ

Moved from MGCQ to GCQ .. in short it means things are lesser stricter here

Palawan has been in lockdown since March 15, 2020 .. the local Mayor is keeping things closed. Seems to be very scared about the pandemic. With the result that nobody can leave or return to Palawan unless you have a lot of money.
However, on May 1, 2021 the national government declared Palawan to be under GCQ. This means in short that things can be lesser strict here anymore. We are still under a quarantine, but not that strict anymore.

Still waiting to see what the local government is going to do and what the results will be because Palawan has been declared to fall under GCQ. This forces the local mayor at least to open up Palawan a little. However, until now I still don’t see any planes landing at airport.

The first thing we noticed that changed was that we are not being checked anymore. People needed permission from their local barangay that they have permission to leave their home. Also I see kids (15 years or younger) and elderly (60 years or older) walking around again. So that must mean that it is allowed again.

Just happy that the national government is forcing the local government to open up again. Hope soon that our airport opens up again and that people can move freely from and to Palawan. I will keep you update.

Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter

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