300 Chinese vessels are in Philippine waters

Although the national government told the local government of Palawan that Palawan needs to be opened up .. nothing has really changed yet. We still have curfew from 8pm till 4am and planes are still not flying. Which makes it hard to leave the island.
The nice thing is we have more freedom to move around and are not being checked anymore. However, while nothing is really changing within Palawan a lot of things are happening close to us. About a few hundred miles away China is entering Philippine waters.

Between 200-300 Chinese vessels entering Philippine waters

At the moment it doesn’t look like the Philippine President Duterte is going to do anything against China. During his candidacy (2016), he famously promised to ride a jetski to the Spratly Islands and plant a Philippine flag there. In 2017, he repeated that promise, saying he would do it on Philippine Independence Day. Two months before the occasion, President Duterte his plan, admitting China asked him not to do it.
It rather looks like the opposite. It feels like the President has received some bribe and therefore is not taking any actions. The President keeps speaking positive about China as if they are not doing anything. A big mystery.

The Philippine Coast Guard released footage on May 5, 2021, showing officers confronting seven Chinese vessels in the contested Sabina Shoal area on April 27. Tensions between the two nations over the South China Sea have been escalating since March, after the Philippines protested the continued presence of Chinese vessels in the disputed areas. Video source: AFP

While China doesn’t seem to have plans to move yet it sounds like other countries are starting to respond. UK has send ships to Chinese Sea. Australia has done the same and US has said that if any vessel of Philippines will be harmed, that could be reason for counter attack. So while the President is not doing anything, it looks like some countries are starting to send us some help. So happy about that .. very uncertain times. We are all a little surprised that the President doesn’t seem to show any interest in doing anything .. so we are a little confused here in the Philippines.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on May 12, 2021, reported “illegal incursions” by 287 Chinese vessels in waters claimed by Manila. The footage shows the PCG driving away vessels scattered in a part of the South China Sea that the Philippines claims as the West Philippine Sea. The PCG ordered the Chinese ‘militia’ boats off waters it said were part of the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. China denies using fishing boat crews as militia. While Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has voiced support for improving relations between Manila and Beijing, his foreign ministry has repeatedly lodged complaints about the alleged incursions in recent weeks, and the country’s task force on the South China Sea said in a statement that the latest incident may result in diplomatic action. Video source: Reuters/Philippine Coast Guard.

Please keep the Philippines in prayer, that there will be no war and that China will pullout their 200-300 vessels and leave the Philippine waters.

Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter

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