Back to Strict Lock down again 😢

Although the National Government forced local government to open up and get things going .. the Mayor appealed to return back to strict lock down again because of the rise of covid cases.
As of writing they are guessing there are about 883 active cases. See picture.

Covid cases in Palawan Province .. active cases 883 .. total cases starting 2020 until now is 3,141. These are the registered cases.

However, National Government has not accepted proposal yet. At the moment the Mayor is locking down some barangays instead where there are some cases. In total about 5 barangays are locked down. This means that anyone living in those communities are not allowed to go to work and are locked up in their homes. How they survive .. nobody really cares. No help from government to pay your bills, buy food, nothing ..

Active covid cases in the Philippines 1,149,010 starting from 2020. These are only the registered cases. About 20,860 people died as a result of pandemic. This means a total of 1.7% people die of this pandemic, while 98.3% of the people recover when they get affected.

Above you can see figures on a national level. At the moment there have been about 1,150,000 active cases registered. About 20,820 people is claimed to have died because of the pandemic. The total deaths until now in percentage of those who had active cases is 1.7% or 20,820.
Now here is my question … of everyone that gets affected about 1.7% dies. This means 98.3% only gets sick and recovers. Don’t get me wrong but if only 1.7% dies of the disease is it worth killing 98.3% of the country? Is it worth forcing people in a lock down for 1.7% who dies? Businesses are closed, people loose their jobs, loose their homes, people are not able to pay their bills, have to leave homes because they can’t pay their bills, lots of people committing suicide, people who have other deceases are being neglected or their life is made impossible because of all these lock downs. Just wondering, is it really worth killing 98.3% of population to protect 1.7% that dies?
Don’t understand me wrong .. if you have heart disease, diabetic, elderly or other health issues … please lock yourself up. I totally understand. Nobody wants to die, but to lock up 98% of population and limit them to take care of their families, that is just not right. Taking away the freedom of 98% of the population for 1.7%? That doesn’t sound correct and logic. What is happening in the world?

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