So hot here in Philippines right now 🥵

If you are looking for me, this is where you can find me 😉

The month of May is dry season in the Philippines. Dry season in Palawan is from December till about May/June. This year has been very strange. Even if it is dry season we had plenty of rain.
The good thing with having pandemic and everything is in lock down since March 2020, is that we have had no tourist coming to Palawan. Since Palawan is a hot tourist attraction, this means we had plenty of water. Last year our water supply was already low in January, but this year we had no problems.
We haven’t had to go to pump water and carry it up to second floor. Good Exercise!!!
Although we had enough water this year, it has been so humid, it is just incredible. If I could hide in a refrigerator and just stay there I would. Man just going for a simple walk makes me break out in sweat. Hopefully things will cool off again in June when it is rainy season.
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying spring.

Lots of love from the Philippines,
Arthur Peter

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