More Water .. Wow!!

This past weekend has been one of rain, rain and more rain. I know it is rainy season, but as long as I have been living in the Philippines, I have never seen this much rain.
It doesn’t seem to stop .. although it looks like it will be clearing up. Saw some light coming through the clouds.
These past few days we have had several storms and typhoons passing through Palawan. I have been in Palawan for more than 15 years but never seen this amount of water.
The funny thing is that although we are flooded and water is everywhere we haven’t had water for 3 days. Of course power cuts and no internet or unstable internet.
Also today I am starting to feel like the high humidity level has finally been broken. The past few weeks it was like no matter what you do, you are sweating buckets. Even if you had aircon, it just stayed hot and humid. But finally a breakthrough when I woke up .. it was getting cooler. Not so clammy anymore .. YIPPEE!!!
This probably also means that storms are almost finished. It is normal to have rainy season in the Philippines from July till around November .. but I have never seen this much water.
I was spared a lot of flooding in my house probably simply because I live on the second floor, but unfortunately a lot of people were not spared this horrible fate. Please find below some pictures showing the incredible amount of water flowing through Palawan, Philippines at the moment.

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