Lots of water – flooding

Flood in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Little update from Palawan Island .. although we are still in lock down and it doesn’t look like the mayor is planning to open any time soon. The Mayor mentioned that maybe in 2022 we will be opening up again. So in short that means that I will be spending Christmas in Palawan.

SM Mall – almost empty because of lock downs and pandemic. Businesses closing because there is not enough sales.
These shops are all temporary closed. Waiting for when government is going to open up Palawan again. As you can see no customers .. mall is almost empty.

It has been since March 2020 .. so almost 1 1/2 years that we have been on a lock down. We are not able to leave Palawan yet. It also means nobody can visit Palawan. Which is very hard for us here in Palawan, since maybe about 70% of population’s income is dependent on tourism. That is the reason that we are being hit very badly financially during this pandemic. Gladly there are a lot of people working in the government and many people are pensioners. That keeps the economy going at the moment in Palawan.

Where the add Tong Yans is hanging and the white wooden panels are hanging .. this was McDonald’s .. they had to close .. not enough customers. As you can see no customers in the mall .. only staff .. very empty .. sad times in Palawan

From around June till November it is rainy season in Palawan. This means it rains a lot. This week we were blessed with an overwhelming amount of rain. Lots of places are covered in water and having floods. Because of these floods and typhoons passing through Palawan we had a lot power cuts, water supply problems and of course very slow internet. It looks like typhoons have passed so things should clear up very quickly.

PRAYER POINT: During this month we are being informed who will be running for President. Date of elections will be in May 2022 and 1 term is for 6 years. We desperately need a President who has a heart to help the country. With a debt that has doubled in 5 years, unemployment of about 50% and biggest economic decline (depression) in the history of the Philippines. We need a person that has a heart to help the country back on its feet again. Somebody that is willing to lead without filling their own pocket first.

Thanks again for your continued help and support.
Lots of love from the Philippines ❤️

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