Big day for the Philippines!!


Today Monday May 9, 2022 is a big day for the Philippines. It is voting time! After 6 years of being ruled by President Duterte it is finally time for a new president. Six years is a long time when the government is a big mess. The past 6 years has been a horrible one.
– The Philippines has almost the worst education in the world. The education during the past 6 years has even gone down more.
– The debt of government more than doubled. Within 6 years time this government was able to double the debt and break a record. Highest debt level in history.
– Inflation hit a record during this government.
– During this government about 20,000-30,000 innocent people got killed and many more put in prison because they resist the government or criticized the President.
– During the past 6 years the Philippines was sold to China. Some people would say Philippines was a province of China.
– Corruption has increased much more during the past 6 years and didn’t get lesser during this elected government.

Many more things to mention, but list would be too long … that is why it is an important day in the Philippines. Will we continue going down the same way or will there be a new president that will really help and care for the country.
At the moment it looks like their are 2 serious candidates .. one that will continue the past six years (Sir BongBong Marcos. Yes the son of previous Filipino dictator Marcos and wife Imelda Marcos who was the 10th president of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986 ) and 1 that seems to bring something positive to the Philipines (Ms. Leni Robredo).

Here are the current predictions for elections:


According to Google Trends Ms Leni Robredo should be the winning candidate and Sir BongBong Marcos is far behind but second. However, when you check local survey’s in the Philippines they are saying that Sir BongBong Marcos is at the top and Ms Leni Robredo is second. However, please remember Philippines is a very corrupt country. You never know what the real results will be. My prayer is that elections will be done honestly and no election fraud.


To see the results of the elections in the Philippines May 2022

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